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Bone Preparation Workshop

Skulls Tormentor

Robert Strzelecki

Rules of accepting orders:

  1. Each project is burdened with a 25% advance payment on account of materials. At the sums above 1500 €, there is the option of spreading payments for individual stages of work, rather than a one-off payment.
  2. Prices of skeletons are largely dependent on the size and phylum and are quite individual.

    The conversion of the price is as follows:

    Price of the preparation + any costs associated with obtaining material + additional costs such as assembly, woodbase, root / branch or cabinet + shipping / transportation.

    For example:
    Material being a small mammal, supplied by the customer, mounted in a glass case:
    Price of preparation + individual cost of showcase depending on its parameters + shipping / transportation.

    Material being a large mammal, purchased by the workshop from a breeder, mounted on steel brackets, on wooden base with wheels:
    The price of the preparation + purchase costs + extra costs, ie. steel brackets and a wooden base + shipping / transportation.

  3. If the preparation is not picked up from the workshop for a month from the date of execution and approval, it will be deemed as not picked up.
    The advance payment in such a case is not refundable, and preparation will become part of the collection, or will be sold.
    Workshop will make further attempts to contact you by phone or e-mail every few days from the date of execution of the preparation.
  4. „Approval”, means that workshop will send photos of preparation to the purchaser, and his confirmation of compatibility with the order.
  5. After receiving the skeleton, the workshop will ask satisfied customers for a reference letter with the handwritten signature, sent by post.