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Bone Preparation Workshop

Skulls Tormentor

Robert Strzelecki

As bone preparator I made my debut reconstructing skeleton of a young roe deer, to make another step just year later, and build first educational skeleton. It was a red fox skeleton, on which students of Gymnasium No. 16 in Katowice work to this day.
The last 5 years I have spent on perfecting the techniques of cleaning and mounting. Consultations with colleagues from abroad and their constructive criticism helped to create workshop where I rearticulate skeletons that are no worse than global standards of museology.

At the moment, Im one of the few people(if not the only one) in Poland who are involved in proffesional preparation of animal skeletons as well as the renovation of the old ones.

I offer full and partial bone preparations, articulated and disarticulated.
Renovation of old preparations, white and antiqued skeletons, renovation of antlers, fillings and tooth repair.

Skeletons are set in static and dynamic positions, on natural roots, wooden bases or full glass cases.